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What is Norawin?

NORAWIN is a tokenized raffle platform that brings enthusiasts from around the world together, allowing them to participate in raffles for valuable prizes.

With the integration of NFT-based tickets, Norawin transcends geographical constraints, enabling enthusiasts from around the globe to participate and revel in the excitement of winning coveted prizes.

Luxury cars, cryptocurrencies, and high-end gadgets are among the captivating rewards awaiting lucky winners.

Unlike traditional raffle platforms where winning is tied to ticket quantity, Norawin introduces exciting features such as multipliers and staking, allowing players to boost their chances of success.

Norawin is fostering a robust social media community and providing incentives for players to invite their friends to join the platform.

Norawin was built on the Binance network and is designed to handle thousands of user actions. NWIN serves as the native token of Norawin, serving as the primary currency for acquiring NFT tickets for raffles, participating in staking and engaging in marketplace activities.

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