oBNB Kenobi

Presale Phase

What is oBNB Kenobi?

⚡️oBNB Kenobi⚡️

May the reflections be with you!

💥A long, long time ago in a BSC galaxy far, far away, it is a period of crypto war. Rebel investors striking from the smartchain have won their first victory against the evil Tokenomics Empire.

💥During the battle, rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Token, a high powered token with not enough liquidity which would destroy an entire crypto currency.

💥Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, O-BNB-Kenobi races home aboard his smartchain, custodian of the stolen plans that he can use to save investors and restore fair trade to the galaxy….💥

‼️Pre-Sale Information‼️

Hard Cap - 1800bnb

Soft Cap - 1200bnb

💶Tokenomics explained:

The total tax is 14% which is divided into the following:

8% goes back to holders as bnb reflections.

4% goes back into the liquidity pool.

2% goes to our marketing wallet.

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Launched28 Jul 2021
Added28 Jul 2021