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What is Oliver Coin?

Oliver Coin BSC is a self-marking token that had its possession revoked from commencement. The arrangement from our puzzling sponsor (Oliver Coin) was to make a token for a local area to expand upon and permit its holders to hold, acquire, and draw in with on a social level. Conveyed upon the unified Binance Brilliant Chain, Oliver Coin is a 100 percent local area-run, decentralized token. It was brought into the world from the tradition of Dogecoin, which exhibited the force of image tokens to enthrall and get new clients to the crypto circle. It is likewise the name of Oliver He is a feline that has an assortment of stories for youngsters, including them.

Presently it does with the computerized world Oliver Coin BSC can arrive at a large number of new supporters through the marking of its fundamental person and its capability to convert no-coiners into day-by-day clients of its impending biological system.

Our vision We are dedicated to building the best Decentralized Ecosystem (DECO) on the planet. Our token was the seeds from which the Dogecoin Ecosystem sprouted, and Oliver Coin is how they've dug in their roots.

Its Main Vision is to exhibit the force of image tokens to enthrall and get new clients to the crypto circle.

The goal of Oliver Coin Swap is to provide a safe place to trade your valuable crypto while remaining decentralized. We are loyal to our holders, and that gives us the means to grow exponentially. We will constantly scale this Ecosystem so it may bring ever-increasing interested parties to the Oliver Coin Swap platform.

Our unique tokenomics, solid design, technical implementation, and the viral growth from our good 'ole fashion memes will reinforce the platform's strength and ultimately provide residual benefits to the Ecosystem.

Swapping without a budget is a unique challenge but by tackling various genres and product lines, a focused development team rose from the ranks of our community.

We know that with our unified force, and the power of Oliver Coin we will be successful in advancing the Swap and Ecosystem as a whole so that we reach new and spectacular heights together.

The best is yet to come!

How Oliver Coin is safe Fairness is a core value in the design philosophy of the OLIVER COIN platform. All processes run entirely on-chain with no external APIs or dependencies. This ensures that users can independently verify the integrity of every process. Integration with Chainlink VRF provides true randomness on the blockchain.

For accomplishment in business, trust is foremost. That implies full straightforwardness locally and improvement as well as in security endeavors.

OLIVER COIN is decentralized and upheld by a local area of devotees. We empower predictable open correspondence and trust, straightforwardness, and local area are the 3 support points to building proficient achievement.

OLIVER COIN has been designed to provide value for investors safely; Investors can interact with the dApps through the website or directly on the blockchain. The team's wallet is excluded from all rewards including dividends and the lottery, provide additional confidence for investors. All liquidity within pancakeswap has been permanently blocked to guarantee indefinite liquidity.

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Market Cap›1.16% $1,808
USD Price$0.0000018
Price Change 1h‹0.19%
Price Change 24h›1.16%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000001799339102669


Launched24 Jan 2022
Added06 Feb 2022