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What is OPBR Exchange?

At the end of August 2022, the OPBRpay de Ações Group received a proposal to purchase the Former Eco Exchange from CEO Leandro Costa of EcoGreen.

Our board reviewed the offer and we purchased it. We then began the work of integrating Eco Exchange into our group. Cleverly, in 20 days, we did the marketing for the Fair Launch of the OPBRex cryptocurrency.

At the same time, without informing the market, we prepared our Decentralized OPBR Exchange (DEX) and on September 9, 2022 we launched both products at the same time. The result was exceptional. We hit $2.77 within 24 hours.

Soon, the Centralized OPBR Exchange will be launched, from Brazil to the world.

OPBRex was created to have the following functions;

1- to be a Trading Fee within the Centralized OPBR Exchange, where all traders will use it to pay the fees for all transactions.

2- Will be used for Withdrawal and Deposit between OPBR Exchange and Banco Digital OPBRpay.

3- It will also be used to pay for the purchase of physical and digital products and services as it is integrated with OPBRpay.

We are preparing to launch a Great Revolution in the Brazilian and international crypto market. Welcome to OPBRex.

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Market Cap0.82% $474
USD Price$0.0047
Price Change 24h0.82%
24h Low / 24h High$0.004707924580838014


Launched09 Sep 2022
Added03 Oct 2022