Orca Token

Binance Smart Chain

What is Orca Token?

🌖Orca Token is built on Binance Smart Chain as a deflationary and decentralized cryptocurrency. We all know that there is a whale problem in the market and we are here to solve that with our investors!

💰You can earn $ORC just by holding there is a 6% tax on launch where 3% is burned and 3% is redistributed to holders. The tax percentage is not fixed, our community decides what will the tax rate be for every month(Maximum 10% which is 5% burn, 5% redistribution). You became an Orca just by holding 0.5% of the initial supply therefore you can participate in the voting process for the next month's tax fees. You can decide whether to kill whales with high tax fees or chill. Eventually, we will be listed on major exchanges with many holders, no whales, and a healthy chart, hence there will be no tax fees when that time comes.

🚀We value our community and we will go farthest we can go with you until it is time for renouncing the contract.

🚀We value your money, with our own wallet app development we want to have a use for the Orca Token. Where you can make payments with your tokens.

🚀We do not have a marketing or a charity tax because some investors do not like those but if we have tokens left after marketing holders will decide whether to burn or donate those tokens to a charity.

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Launched11 Jul 2021
Added09 Jul 2021