What is PizzaDoge?

Everyone likes pizza.

Everyone likes DOGE.

Together you have PizzaDOGE!

The coin is based on the latest advancements in BEP20 contract technology, with high transaction speed has the following key features:

PIZZA DOGE is hyper-deflationary (meaning that the number of coins in circulation are always decreasing making the price of your coin increase).

PIZZA DOGE provides automatic BNB distribution to every PIZZA DOGE holder! That’s right, just by holding PIZZA DOGE, you will get BNB paid to you like interest.

Transaction Tax %

8% BnB Reflections

3% Buyback wallet

3% Autoliquidity

4% Team + Marketing wallet

Eligibility to receive BNB distributions:

You need to hold a minimum of 10,000 PIZZA DOGE tokens to receive BNB distributions.

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Launched21 Jul 2021
Added19 Jul 2021