Pandora Planet

Binance Smart Chain

What is Pandora Planet?

Pandora planet🌐 (PDL)

💫 💫 Create the concept of mining and making money in the currency circle, a mining game that tests human nature, a myth that 100 US dollars dig out millions of income.

🌹Binance Chain's unique mining mechanism boosts NFT chain travel metaverse

💄BTC mining mechanism, the entire network releases a fixed amount of PDL every day, and how many you can mine is determined by the value of the pledged LP, and you can go in and out! $100 investment can dig up 1 million income!

💄The first real value investment mining project, the best daily interest rate income!

🌹 The first project that combines LP mining with NFT chain games to make money.

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Launched26 Jun 2022
Added23 Jun 2022