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PeakyDuck to USD Chart

What is PeakyDuck?

Ultimately, Peaky Duck was born to be and exists solely as a memecoin.

The crowning achievement of any memecoin though, is being able to develop a native ledger and complete a CEX listing.

So quite simply, that is our goal.

The Peaky Duck team will work tirelessly to achieve this dream whilst providing our early investors manifold rewards for holding $PEAKYDUCK.

3% Auto LP - We believe that any long term project requires price stability. This will be supported by a higher starting LP. No presale.

2% $BUSD Reflections - All holders deserve to be rewarded for parking their capital in Peaky Duck, so we have decided to issue a 2% reflection in $BUSD.

7% Marketing & Development - To achieve the things on our roadmap and more, we require developmental funds. On a lean revenue stream of 7% tax, we believe we can make this work.

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Launched19 Mar 2022
Added19 Mar 2022