Half Pepe

Ownership is Renounced

Half Pepe to USD Chart

What is Half Pepe?

$PEPE0.5 is the first token to be paired with $PEPE liquidity.

You have to own or buy $PEPE, then swap $PEPE for $PEPE0.5.

In that way, we take $PEPE out of circulation and aim to reach half the market cap of $PEPE!

What sets Half Pepe apart from all other Pepe coins?

The most exciting aspects of Half Pepe is its big impact on the $PEPE token. By taking $PEPE out of circulation, Half Pepe helps to reduce supply, which in turn drives up the value of $PEPE. In order to buy Half Pepe, you first need to acquire $PEPE, this helps increase volume and holder count of $PEPE. So not only does Half Pepe provide an excellent investment opportunity in its own right, but it also helps to boost the value and volume of $PEPE

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Launched19 Apr 2023
Added22 Apr 2023