Pepes Gone Wild

Binance Smart Chain

Pepes Gone Wild to USD Chart

What is Pepes Gone Wild?

PePe’s Gone Wild introduces Artificial Intelligence and Trading with the most naughty of PePe’s 🍆

Do you dream one day of not just owning and looking at your PePe, but having your PePe talk to you, remind you of tasks or alert you to wake up.

There is no limits to what your Wild PePe can do. From asking it simple questions, to having it solve complex mathematics 🧠

Your PePe can be your personal assistant or your voice of reason, all the while you can dress it and style it how you like. But there’s more.

Your PePe has an addiction, an addiction to making money. Use your Wild PePe to auto buy and sell assets, get price alerts, arbitrage across multiple CEX, track wallets, learn about Web3, and wait…..

Ohh dear, your PePe’s addiction to making money is out of control. Add a stable coin of your choice to PePe’s purse, set your risk factor and kick back and let your Wild PePe seek out and auto execute the most advantages, lowest risks methods 💸 💸

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Launched20 May 2023
Added19 May 2023