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What is Picoin?

## PiCoin Introduction?

Picoin is a cryptocurrency project which gets ideas from Pi number and Bitcoin. There is the limitation of traditional transactions, we'd like to create a PiCoin project to increase the security and speed of transactions in the world.

## Picoin name?

Pi Number + Bitcoin = PiCoin

## Picoin launch date?

* As the initial plan, Picoin will launch in Q1/2022.

## What is Picoin's goal?

* Keep everything simple by using Picoin

* Make all transaction fast, secure and transparence

* Make Picoin become valuable assets in the future

## Why is Picoin unique?

* 3% Automation distributed to Liquidity Pool lock forever.

* 2% Automation distributed to Holders.

* 1% Automation burned based on each transaction.

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Launched19 Jan 2022
Added18 Dec 2021