Putin War Doge

Presale Phase

What is Putin War Doge?

PutinWarDoge: Pure Meme Coin - For Degen - Fun - Contract Safe - No Rug - Slow cap (KYC coming soon)

This is pure meme coin, no utilities, buy, hold, don't sell too soon at launch

Pump the chart, if hype enough, people will fomo, whale will come.

This coin is safe, no rug, no mint, all unuse token after pay fee for Unicrypt will burned all.

Special buy back event at launch.

Buy, shill and pray for all crypto degen suffering by this war crash.

WL FULL - you can try buy R0 and R1 with UNCL

✅ UniCrypt - https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/pancake-v2/ilo/0xc1c2F7b686a49332b3f3ab4563fE7269F83E9318

Contract: 0x57454A5eAa5F1C1b0d5ea98F637658261C4ec920

✅ Taxes : 5% buy - 5% sell

2% redistribution fee

3% marketing fee (paid for call channels)

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Launched24 Feb 2022
Added24 Feb 2022