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What is PymeDAO?

What is Pyme?

Pyme DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) governed by our constitution built to support, grow and scale web3 companies, communities and projects.

PymeDAO supports the wider Pyme ecosystem of Kikx, a web3 native kickstarter, Supapowr, a web3 consumer focussed pre-seed accelerator and Day Zero, a incubator for consumer web3 products.

This is done through a community of over 40,000 monthly active users, 400k connected wallets and millions of views each month across social media platforms. The Pyme community gets access to projects at their earliest stages and allows them to support their growth.

The DAO is currently in the process of being established legally which will further enhance treasury growth option. Pyme token allows users to get upside in all of their ecosystem brands, the projects they grow and the projects they launch.

What Makes Pyme Unique?

Pyme is community driven, and now led. The DAO organisation allows every token holder to play an active role in the development of the ecosystem through governance, staking and in support of the projects they help scale. By holding Pyme, a member is supporting the whole ecosystem and also getting access to each individual project.

History of Pyme

Pyme originally started out as a decentralised work platform before transitioning to a quest platform in July 2022. Community members were able to earn points for taking actions which converted to tokens at the token generation event in June 2023. Pyme conducted a pre-sale in March 2023. The move to building a wider ecosystem was announced in June 2023, with the announcement of Pyme v3 and the vision of a launchpad, accelerator and incubator announced.

What’s Next for Pyme?

Pyme is in the process of launching Kikx, a web3 native kickstarter, enabling projects to launch, grow community and raise funds at the earliest stages. This enables Pyme members to support projects, even at a very small amount at the earliest stages, in return for access, wl spots, XP, points, roles and more. After the launch of Kikx, Supapowr Accelerator will be launched by the Pyme community.

What can PymeDAO (PYME) be used for?

PymeDAO (PYME) is the native token of the Pyme ecosystem. It is used for governance over PymeDAO treasury, over DAO operations and scaling the ecosystem. Stakers of Pyme token get increased access to Day Zero incubator projects, early access to Supapowr Accelerator projects and a reward for supporting the growth of the ecosystem.

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