Quest Ethereum

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What is Quest Ethereum?

4031quest is the next generation free-to-play and play to win MMORPG experience.

We believe in game design principles that cultivate decentralized player-driven communities, where you can form life-long relationships by embarking on epic quests and adventures.

Through instant accessibility we strive to give everyone the opportunity to experience the unique world of 4031quest.

Finally, we believe in empowering players, by sharing the revenue generated on 4031quest with our community through true ownership of digital assets.

A game which strives to create player-driven communities where you, the player, can form life-long relationships by embarking on epic adventures.

As overseers of this groundbreaking space verse, we want to give everyone the key to experience ownership, hence our commitment to always be free-to-play.

And since we are idealists, we also want to share the yield of 4031 with the community: you will own your digital in-game assets, which can be traded at market value without ever going through us for approval.

Why do we need a decentralized MMORPG ? In the current game market, the centralized ownership and control of user-generated content limits creator rights and ownership, which stifles creativity and enjoyment in the gaming community.

Central control over the trading of virtual goods created by players restricts them from generating fair revenue for their creations.

Compounding this, it can be difficult to prove creative ownership of works, especially as content is copied, altered, and built upon.

87 billion dollars was traded through digital marketplaces for video game items in 2019.

It’s projected to triple by 2022. And in almost every single one of these games, players are buying items, skins and upgrades which they don’t truly own.

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Launched15 Jan 2022
Added22 Aug 2022