Bit Rivals

Presale Phase

What is Bit Rivals?

Bit Rivals is groundbreaking AI powered gaming platform designed to bring AAA games into the blockchain.

Earn rewards and crypto for playing titles such as:

🎮 Apex Legends

🎮 League of Legends

🎮 Battlefield

🎮 Valorant

🎮 Dota 2

🎮 Rocket league

and many more! 🔥

y simply starting up the Bit Rivals app, authenticating, and registering a new gaming session, the gamer can start getting rewarded for playing any compatible/ registered game on any platform.

This allows any gamer to tip into the world of P2E without needing to change their gaming set-up or the game they are playing.

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TypeNormal Presale


Launching on01 Apr 2024
Added29 Jan 2024