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What is Rejuvenex?

Introducing Rejuvenex Coin $RJNX: Empowering NexusAI Crypto for a Resurgent Future!

Benefits of RJNX

Are you ready to be part of a revolutionary endeavor that not only revitalizes NexusAI Crypto but also propels it into a future brimming with possibilities? Welcome to Rejuvenex Coin – the driving force set to infuse new vitality into NexusAI Crypto and redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency with innovation and purpose.

Fuelling NexusAI's Brilliance

With each Rejuvenex Coin you acquire, you're catalyzing the transformation of NexusAI Crypto. Your investment isn't just a transaction; it's a catalyst for change. Approximately for every 100 Rejuvenex Coin acquired, 1 NexusAI Coins are permanently removed from circulation, enhancing scarcity and elevating value. Your actions directly shape the landscape of NexusAI's economy, creating a ripple effect that resonates throughout the AI and crypto domains.

Total Supply

100,000,000 RJNX


10,000,000 RJNX


33,000,000 RJNX


0% Tax

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Launched28 Aug 2023
Added24 Aug 2023