What is Sonic2Earn?

👋 Welcome everyone.

🎮 This is the first in a series of games that will be released on our platform that will be launched alongside Sonic P2E.

🌐 The platform will be called Emulator P2E and it will host games that will allow the user to get some coins.

This is just the start of this great and articulated project. We want to give you a new and unique experience.

🔵 Sonic2Earn Token

-Ownership Renounced

-100,000,000,000 S2E Total Supply

-14% Tax Buy/Sell

-6% Marketing | 3% S2E Reflections | 5% to S2E Liquidity Pool

✅ Anti Front-Run Bot Features (They can not buy and sell quickly, the contract only allows you to buy wait two minutes and in case, sell)

✅ We can't be sniperd, we have stealth launched. 1% Max Wallet.

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Launched07 May 2022
Added07 May 2022