SaitaPepe Coin


What is SaitaPepe Coin?

SAITAPEPE aims to bring together the $PEPE and $Saitama communities to revitalize memecoins. The project will launch fairly on PinkSale, without any private sale. To ensure transparency, the team tokens will be locked, and the contract will be renounced upon launch. Furthermore, the liquidity will be locked for an initial period of 6 months, with the possibility of an extension.

The total supply of SAITAPEPE is 1,297,190,297, with 50% of the tokens already burned, and 30% dedicated to liquidity and the fair launch. An additional 5% of the tokens will be allocated for airdrops, while 5% will be reserved for marketing and development. Another 5% will be held in a listing wallet, and the remaining 5% will be set aside for stake and earn, bridging, and liquid capital pools.

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Launched14 May 2023
Added13 May 2023