Strawberry Moon

Binance Smart Chain

What is Strawberry Moon?


Have your vibes been off? Your portfolio down? Have you noticed that your astrological shit 💩 has been hitting that fan lately?

Good news! 📑It’s not your fault, the 💥stars have been out to get you. BUT have no fear, 🍓STRAWBERRYMOON🍓 is here to help and promises to turn it around.

This SUPERMOON is the last of 2021 🗓meaning luck is on our side.

Full moons are the culmination of the astrological cycle, the CLIMAX of the moon if you will🥵. And oh boy this coin is gunna 💦climax💦.

The 🍓Strawberry🍓 Moon ($SBM) is in Capricorn, the most powerful of all signs, boding well for any ambitious moves. You won’t want to miss out on this.

The ✨STARS✨ are on your side.

🌜10% tax added to liquidity

🌜2% redistributed to holders

🌜13% Slippage

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Launched24 Jun 2021
Added25 Jun 2021