What is SuperHeroes?

We are not the first or the last charity token, but we aim to be the best one ! 🔥

First wanna say thanks for your interest and hopefully you gonna be part of our mission!

We are SuperHeroes! 🦾 Maybe you wondering why I choose this name for our token 🤔

SuperHeroes is a charity token, every member of this community will contribute for a change in the world!

What is the mission of a SuperHero? We all know that!

A SuperHero saving others in need !

Ok, we got it ! But why a "Super"Hero?

Because we got a special power! Our power is to change people lives 🦾 ❤️

Do you feel ready for this mission?

Be a SuperHero today! 🤜🏻🤛🏻

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Launched29 Jun 2021
Added29 Jun 2021