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ShibFalcon to USD Chart

What is ShibFalcon?

ShibFalcon, a small and determined dog, had a dream of exploring the vast expanse of space. Despite the seemingly impossible odds, ShibFalcon refused to give up on his dream. He saw an opportunity to make his vision a reality through the world of cryptocurrency, and thus he created the ShibFalcon token.

With the support of investors, ShibFalcon was able to raise enough funds to build the Falcon 9 rocket, which would take him on a long and grueling journey to a distant planet. There, he discovered a new world and named it ShibFalconia.

As ShibFalcon’s journey progressed, the value of the ShibFalcon token continued to rise, and he became a legend in the world of cryptocurrency. ShibFalcon’s story inspired others to chase their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. And so, ShibFalcon lived happily ever after, exploring the cosmos and showing the world that anything is possible with determination and the support of others.

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Market Cap1.34% $95
USD Price$0.000000000095
Price Change 1h0.56%
Price Change 24h1.34%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000093090475


Launched21 Feb 2023
Added21 Feb 2023