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What is Game Shiba?

You did it! You have found a website that has everything about Game Shiba. Our materials will help you gain completely new knowledge about the Game Shiba Metaverse: about NFT, the ShibaGem token, in-game goods, skins and much more. Explore the game modes, find new elements and learn even more about the game. The GAME SHIBA website will become your favorite source of information about the Game Shiba Metaverse thanks to useful links and content pages. Study the site and ask us any questions. Shiba Army is a 3D pixel first-person shooter that takes you into a crazy blocky world with two modes: Battle Royale and Classic Adventure. In the battle royale mode, you need to defeat your enemies and earn the ShibaGem token, as well as use objects to build various structures. Purchase of in-game goods / NFT

Voting for the future of the Metaverse

Receiving rewards for holding tokens.

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Launched14 Dec 2021
Added14 Dec 2021