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What is Shibetoshi Nakamoto?

Shibetoshi Nakamoto| The real DogeFather | First Real Anti-Dump System | Developing the biggest next Meme Token Exchange

Who is Shibetoshi Nakamoto?

Even today, no one is able to answer this question. Hundreds of users from all over the world – gathered to try to answer the question of questions.

What is $SHIBE

$SHIBE is a new ERC20 Token (you can safely say he is the real DogeFather) that has implemented a system to prevent dumping while rewarding its holders with 5% redistribution!

What is the vision of the project:

The idea is to create a fork of SushiSwap, called InuDex, where users can provide liquidity and earn rewards on the top Meme Tokens!

Beyond this, the devs have devised a system that leads to entice members of the community to hold the Token rather than sell it.

How does the Anti-Dump and Anti Whales system work?

So, in order to keep the market balanced, devs implemented an innovative system that works like this:

Max Price Impact for Selling: 3%

(otherwise you can’t sell)

Max 5 sells in 24H:

1st Sell: 1 hour cool down

2nd Sell: 2 hours cool down

3rd Sell: 3 hours cool down

4th Sell: 12 hours cool down

Cooldown resets after 24 Hours.

But that’s not all, in fact, if you are brave enough to sell your tokens multiple times, you will pay more taxes!

First sell: 6% tax

Second sell: 12% tax

Third sell: 18% tax

Fourth sell: 24% tax

Fifth sell: 30% tax

This means you need to increase slippage and you will receive less money for your tokens if you decide to sell multiple times in a single day.

This unique system prevents the biggest problem that affects most new projects: whale dumping.

Using this innovative Anti-Dump method, in fact, the price of the token can grow continuously and organically, discouraging those that are using harmful methods such as Pump and Dump.

10% of the total supply was burned on launch. What this means is that the burn wallet also receives 5% distribution. This is huge because over time tokens will become sparce, thus rising the prices of the tokens. In one week with less than 300 holders we have already burned another 2% of the supply!


✅Total supply – 1 Trillion

🔥10% burned

🔒100% Liquidity locked

✅ 5% redistribution

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Market Cap0.11% $21,930
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Price Change 24h0.11%
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Launched10 Jun 2021
Added21 Jun 2021