Rose Shield

Presale Phase

What is Rose Shield?

Rose Shield Protocol is a whole new ecosystem performing according to Cyber Security regulations. We are here to make BSC and web safer. Providing Crypt-fueled platform that makes AI auditing possible for all users. For this reason, we have developed Rose Shield Token $SHIELD.

$SHIELD is a main token used (later on) on ShieldSwap. Token itself has 5% tax, out of which:

3% goes to liquidty

2% goes to all holders.

It is a well know liquidity generator mechanism that is well acceptable on CEXes.

✅ ShieldSwap is a DEX based on PancakeSwap API, fueled with SHIELD Token through a special router. Router has 0% fee included, so if you are a holder of SHIELD, all the swaps through ShieldSwap are going to be done for absolutely free (costs deducted from development wallet for BSC network costs)

ShieldSwap is the first ever to provide such a way.

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Launched20 Dec 2021
Added07 Dec 2021