Skeleton Key

Binance Smart Chain

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What is Skeleton Key?

The Goal of this project is to build a kingdom and a magnificent castle. There is a 10% fee on transactions. 5% goes to operations (marketing, salaries, construction costs, acquisitions, etc). 2% to reflections, 1% to burn, 1% to liquidity, 1% to a discretionary fund (charitable giveaways, sponsorships, partnerships). The purpose of the castle is to give the common person the ability to walk in the shoes of Kings and Queens for themselves. Enjoy the lifestyle of the elite, at least one some level. Experience driving exotic cars for the first time, eat the finest meals money can buy, gaze upon the views from the highest towers, and of course being catered to hand and foot if you wish. KEY$ will the be currency for everything within the experience. Your room, restaurant, rentals, shows, shopping trips. All will need KEY$ to unlock these experiences; giving KEY$ massive utility as well as with increasing trade volume will boost reflections.

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Launched22 Sep 2023
Added16 Sep 2023