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What is Stackspace?

Stackspace is a marketplace for NFTs and assets from various games, simultaneously working as launchpad for upcoming metaverse games.

Stackspace is the common ground for gamers, cryptocurrency and web 3.0, radically changing the gaming experience.

In a virtual space that offers unlimited options, Stackspace will support the transition of games from the old industry to the crypto ecosystem, providing users with unconstrained access and endless trading options.

Stackspace merges multiple protocols, allowing users to switch between different types of assets.

We want Stackspace to become the trading bridge between all gaming platforms, the convergence for gaming items and crypto assets.

Our ideal gaming experience is based on the fact that any user may exchange their assets. Furthermore, this platform will instantly monetize gaming assets with the Stackspace token.

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Launched11 Sep 2022
Added31 May 2022