Slayer Fantasy

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What is Slayer Fantasy?

Slayer Fantasy is a play-to-earn NFT game. Here players will be able to level up as they defeat enemies and explore the entire ecosystem, where they will find fascinating creatures, lands, magic, mythical weapons, magical gems, hidden secrets, and even Slayer fraternities. There will be multiple quests to complete, strategies to win, villainous bosses to defeat, beasts and weapons to unlock, and a limited amount of legendary gems coveted for their awesome rewards. At the same time, this game has a sustainable economy in which players can buy, sell and exchange the resources they get in the game through expert gameplay, thus contributing to the main goal of the project: 'A place where you can entertain yourself playing and improving your experience while earning money and being part of the expansion and development of a new metaverse'

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Launched17 Feb 2022
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