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What is SafeLips?

SafeLips token is a pure experimental token (Total supply of 10 000 000 000 000 and 20% burnt) used for educational purposes to teach the world how to do things in the blockchain world. The token is based on the HashLips NFT project where NFT images are created using generative code, each HashLip is unique and has information imprinted on the artwork itself, like generation codes and dates. These creations are all rare and unique, so owning one is quite special. The programming and art were done by the HashLips creator.

The SafeLips token acts as a community-driven token to bring together people who are passionate about crypto and willing to learn how to do things in the crypto space, as well as being a fun experiment to build a community on the Polygon network.

At the core, SafeLips is a Liquidity Generator token that exists on the Polygon Network. Two functions occur during each trade: Reflection and LP Generation. When a trade is made 3% of the trade will go to Liquidity and 2% will be distributed to all the current token holders. Thus creating a 5% transaction fee.

SafeLips is a community-driven experimental token for the HashLips community and newcomers to try out. The token promises in no way development on a project, although might be used in future dapp projects.

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Launched13 Jun 2021
Added27 Jun 2021