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What is Super Moon Lotto?


Super Moon Lotto is a token that offers two main features.

1) Super Moon Lotto gives FREE WEEKLY lotto tickets to its holders to take part in a weekly lotto draw. Holders can go to our official website and pick their lucky numbers every week as long as they hold SML tokens. The more tokens you hold, the more free tickets you are entitled to. Winners of the lucky draw will win the SUPER JACKPOT, which is composed of A) a sum of 4% of the total transactions in the previous trading week and B) a pre-reserved amount of SML tokens from Super Moon Lotto.

*** IF NO ONE WINS THE JACKPOT, 5 balls will be taken away in the next draw, the same process will go on until the number of balls decreases to 20! This results in a much higher winning chance to our holders! In other words , we force our holders to hit the jackpot, we make millionaires!

2) Reflection - It redistributes 4% of every transaction to existing holders , so our holders will earn passive income just by holding.

For more information , please visit our official website .

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Launched28 Dec 2022
Added05 Dec 2022