What is Soluble?

Your company email address: [email protected]

Project's full name: Soluble 

Symbol: SOLUB

Relationship with the Project: Director

Project Launch Date: 26/1/23

Detailed Project Description: Soluble is the deflationary payments bridge for multiple payment networks including Terra Classic network, Gala, XRP, Doge and Cronos. The token is built on the Solana blockchain for Speed, Cost-effectiveness and compatibility. Soluble (SOLUB) is deflationary from the 6th February 2023 to implement a 5% burn and 5% sell tax on all transactions. The Solub token will be used for the upcoming bridge network, part of the Solub Network with a view to future independent use and the Solub token will then be used as gas fees.

Platform (e.g. EOS, NEO, Ethereum, proprietary blockchain): Solana

Source code:

White paper: n/a

Explorer link:

Key employees, links for verification: n/a but can provide id etc

Partnerships your project as and link for verification: n/a

Country of Origin: UK

Logo in PNG format 200x200 link:

Website links:

Platform of Contract Address: Solana

Contract Address: EMgqamyr5EhGD51x8eUDSh9uoYpnzc6yPv3pNAbjCG8T

Twitter link:

Telegram: @solubnetworkadmin

Medium: n/a

Discord: n/a

Facebook: n/a

GitHub link: n/a

Reddit: n/a

Circulating Supply : 1,000,000,000,000

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

Link to exchanges :

Audit: no

Ico/IEO start date: n/a

Ico/IEO end date: n/a

ICO/IEO launch price: n/a

Twitter post about your project:

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Launched01 Feb 2023
Added09 Feb 2023