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What is SpacePortCoin?

đź•ąGame eco-system:

Free users can play the game for no charge and will be paid out SPC tokens ONLY if they win the jackpot, this is the only way a free user can win SPC tokens (paid from rewards wallet). PAID users can win tokens every time they play based on what they score, if they score 1000, they'll get 1000 tokens.

Paid winners will also be able to win NFTs regarding SpacePort every time they win the daily jackpot. The jackpots are the highest score in a 24 period and it is a % of the rewards wallet reflections for the day.

SpacePort is just the first game in a series of many that are planned to be included in our Crypto Arcade.

Our marketing includes paying twitch streamers to play our game on stream constantly and the other obvious marketing routes for cryptocurrencies and gaming in general. Chinese love gaming, and love crypto so SpacePort is sure to be a big hit in China also!



5% Reflections , 4% Marketing/Dev (this will be used for game development and reward payment for the game), 3% Liquidity

5% Reflection | 4% Marketing/Operations | 3% Automated Liquidity

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Market Cap›1.39% $561
USD Price$0.00000000000056
Price Change 1h‹0.93%
Price Change 24h›1.39%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000000555817


Launched18 Jul 2021
Added18 Jul 2021