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First off, I am not going to try and baffle you with bullshit and try to tell you that we are using some newfound technology or claim to be pioneers of a pivotal blockchain plateau. Lets be honest, Cryptocurrency is in actuality the ultimate Pyramid-Ponzi scheme, the only difference is that it’s a publicly accepted idea, that is considered legitimate. All cryptos could potentially be used as a real currency, but the thing everyone doesn’t tell you is that none of these “currency’s” are really designed to be used in real life, they are investments, retirements, 401ks, essentially stocks.

At the end of the day it comes down to the creator with the best idea, highest probability for sustainability and greatest potential for gain. The idea is simple, we are built on a dream, a dream to surpass everyone else, bring every investor the highest returns in the fastest amount of time. We will build an empire, break barriers everyone else thought impossible. We are the actual “underdogs”, we are the unseen heroes, everyday people, who work normal everyday jobs, we are the true Stars of the world. When all the Stars align and come together miracles happen.

That is why we are here, we are here to combine our resources, and create the most lucrative community of investors the world will ever see! So lets blaze past the Moon, and break some real records!

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Launched01 Jan 2022
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