SWAPP Protocol


SWAPP Protocol to USD Chart

What is SWAPP Protocol?

SWAPP Protocol is an Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 smart contract. SWAPP is a decentralized, fairly launched, ETH-paired utility token used to both facilitate yield farming rewards in the SWAPP DeFi platform as well as serve as the form of rewards within the SWAPP smartphone app and browser extensions.

The purpose of the SWAPP Token is two-sided (yes, like a coin!):

· The DeFi Launch - The initial purpose of SWAPP is to create a thriving DeFi ecosystem consisting of token holders who can participate in various forms of yield farming and who will ultimately become founding users of the forthcoming SWAPP mobile app.

· The SWAPP Mobile App - Upon launch of the subsequent SWAPP mobile app, users will then enjoy powerful, new features including turn-key data monetization and privacy-enhancing capabilities.

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Market Cap0.21% $155,768
USD Price$0.00036
Price Change 1h0.02%
Price Change 24h0.21%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000364680690208987


Launched08 Jun 2021
Added22 Jun 2021