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What is Orbitau Taureum?

TAUREUM (TAUM) is the first token in our long-term vision of a DeFi

ecosystem, with the aim of making it easy for users to start engaging

through gaming experience.

With TAUREUM, we will also develop its own unique NFT marketplace and

connect decentralized communities. People will now be able to own

exclusive rights on unique themes, game characters, videos, music, and

much more.

We believe GameFi is the shortest way of reaching out to the huge potential

customer base. In our ecosystem, players are not limited to one world but

can access the metaverse and enjoy any world via multiple games and

dApps. Leveraging the power of modern cryptography and blockchain

technology, TAUREUM has the ambition to create fair, transparent games to

contribute to the community.

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Launched07 Sep 2022
Added07 Sep 2022