Tribe Digital Ventures

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What is Tribe Digital Ventures?

Tribe Digital Ventures aims to incorporate blockchain or Web 3.0 technology into the real estate market with a utility token and an STO. The ecosystem will incorporate a utility token that will be used for multiple aspects of the TDV ecosystem, and an STO (Stable Token Offering) which will be used by real estate projects to raise funds.

The utility token will be the core of the ecosystem and will be utilized in every aspect from investments to ROI.

STO or Stable Token Offering will be utilized by real estate projects for raising funds. The STO, how it works and the legal aspect, all will be managed by Tribe Digital Ventures.

With this, Tribe Digital Ventures aims to attract investors from all over the world who are interested in investing in asset-backed cryptocurrency or real estate projects.

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Launched25 May 2023
Added31 May 2023