The Godfather Doge

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Ownership is Renounced

The Godfather Doge to USD Chart

What is The Godfather Doge?

Omertà.. The code of silence that exists in the gangland. Members of the family have so far entered the crypto world with permission of The Godfather. They all grew up and developed, then became the leaders of their own realms by courtesy of The Godfather Doge. Our little brother Dogecoin who stepped into the industry first, got permission from The Godfather Doge before every move he made, and he always did so by being faithful to Omertà.

But lately, The Godfather has seen his family get too involved in the business; has heard that the code of silence was broken now and then, and finally decided to teach a lesson to the younger sibling of the family by stepping into the crypto world.

It’s time for The Godfather Doge. The eldest and the strongest of the family is now in the crypto market and ready to regulate the family. He has come to show the younger members of the family who is the eldest once again.

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Market Cap0.24% $104
USD Price$0.0000000000028
Price Change 1h0.09%
Price Change 24h0.24%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000002872735


Launched21 Jul 2021
Added22 Jul 2021