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What is Tick A Lock?

What is Tick A Lock? (TIALO)

Tick A Lock is a game of puzzles and riddles. Each week a new puzzle or riddle will be unveiled.

The first person to solve the puzzle wins the weeks prize. 0.24% of the TIALO supply. Should the puzzle be solved, LP taxes for TIALO will be reduced by 0.24%.

If no one solves the puzzle, the prize is burned.


12.24% of each buy will be used to pay for LP taxes. A variable % with a minimum of 0.24% and a maximum of 7.24% on each sell will be burned. This variable % is weighted based on your holdings, the higher percentage of the holding, the more you are taxed.

1% of the total supply is the max-wallet limit.

Supply Breakdown

24% For Prize Distribution or Burning

75% PancakeSwap

1% Dev Token

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Launched29 Dec 2021
Added29 Dec 2021