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What is TIGERMK?

TIGERMK is a community-driven full of unique NFTs. TIGERMK brings you only the best NFTs with utility created by our great artists. We strived to provide the best artwork that is unique across the market. IT IS ONLY THE BEST Or Nothing. You can buy our NFTs on Opensea or Mint on our website. We want to bring more utility to our NFTs by launching our token and Also a staking platform for our NFTs and Token. Buy/Sell tax is 2% (1% for marketing and 1% for liquidity pool). We are here for the long run. We are open to any development suggested by the community members.

NFT Utility

Unique characters and metadata

Holders win Merch, Matic NFTs

Free NFTs allocated to members as prizes

Staking and Rewards of TIGERMK NFTs and Token

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Launched16 Jun 2023
Added25 May 2023