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What is tekashibtc?



The main goal of the project is to provide a unique safe and attractive experience for everyone.

create a community of like-minded people who are excited and enjoy using it in a way that is fun and appealing to everyone

The team behind tekashibtc focuses on creating various utilities on the BSC network... as well as games, staking, humanitarian donations... solidarity objects, etc... the project's native token is called tekashibtc...

TekashiTKBC was born with the idea that everyone deserves to have someone to help them in the worst moments.

This idea was born from a group of entrepreneurs and the main objective is solidarity.

Little by little, fun things will be included, such as small entertainment games, meme contests and many more things.

TekashiTKBC also offers rewards in USDT to every token holder for each purchase or sale made.

Tekashibtc is in public beta phase so the content of the technical document could be modified in the future


We have audited the contract with 0 failures, total security for our holders


Liquidity will be blocked for 1 year to guarantee total transparency


The best basis for organic growth is based on good marketing, which is why we will focus our senses on being known worldwide.


The project tokens have been blocked for the security of our community, they have been divided into wallets according to distribution

Tekashibtc is a long-term project, relax and enjoy the trip

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Launching on21 Oct 2023
Added14 Sep 2023