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What is Trident?

Trident is the second layer to Pearl Defi’s yieldfarming ecosystem.

Modeled off Thoreum, Trident offers faster rewards with a smaller supply! Farming begins at block 8820000. Users can earn more Trident simply through passive staking, as each transaction burns a percent of the tokens.

The smart contract pools a portion of BNB on each buy and sell. This BNB accumulates until the parameters are met that causes automated buybacks and burns! This keeps the price at a stable ground floor despite sell pressure from miners. Holders are able to win out as they accumulate more rewards.

Trident can call a buyback and burn causing massive pumps should the dev team consider wise to do so! Already there is 45 BNB pooled into the contract, and this can’t be touched by the devs or anyone! It can only go towards rewarding holders!

Unlike other RFI coins, where the supply is already minted and placed into the market, TRIDENT can be mined through classic yield-farming strategies. The masterchef is forked from Thoreum and the team behind has a successful yield farm behind it already with PEARL.

Pearl Defi’s first native token, PEARL, has utility as users can stake it to earn TRIDENT without paying deposit fees!

The current circulating supply is 2 million TRIDENT. There are 98 million TRIDENT tokens available to be farmed as rewards!

The devs have 🔒 locked 🔒 ALL their liquidity.

Trident uses a number of features to ensure stability.

An antiwhale max transfer limit currently set to 5,000 tokens. This prevents any single holders from dumping the price immediately.

Each buy or sell feeds into an automated liquidity function, maintaining the price floor and pooling more BNB into the contract. Each transfer also adds deflationary pressure by burning 2% of tokens.

Fees generated from deposit fees will be used to help maintain the price floor and add more BNB to the contract! This ensures a permanent rocket boost as the ecosystem grows.

The farm’s masterchef has been reviewed by RugDoc.

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Market Cap0.24% $150
USD Price$0.0000019
Price Change 1h0.12%
Price Change 24h0.24%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000001933400163786


Launched27 Jul 2021
Added03 Jul 2021