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Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Trump has grown to be a force to reckon with in American politics. While some see him as divisive, others see him as the leader of the Make America Great Again movement.

If there is anything we all know about the former President, it is his love for the limelight. With Elon lifting Trump’s Twitter ban after a popular majority vote, everyone awaits in anticipation…

Will Trump tweet soon? Your guess is as good as mine! Join us, while we await the most anticipated viral tweet ever. Surely, there will be fireworks!

What else can we confirm..

Our sources covering Mar-a-lago, the former President’s beachside estate in South Florida, confidentially informed us that Trump is itching to go! One of our sources stated that he is aware of the additional 100, 000 followers he has garnered, waiting in anticipation for his tweet!

After his recent Twitter reinstatement, he quietly updated his profile to capture his “vote.DonaldJTrump…” campaign website. Can you guess what’s next?

Trump Tweets is a Smart contract developed on the Binance Smart Chain with a finite maximum supply of 150 Million Tokens.

Project developers are fully KYC’d by Pinksale and Contract has an Audit report issued by Coinscope

Total taxes : 6% Buy & 9% Sell

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Launched08 Dec 2022
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