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What is Viewium Ecosystem?

Welcome to Viewium Ecosystem.

What is Viewium?

A Web3 blockchain platform where you can earn while you create and/or watch video content.

How do I participate in the Viewium Fair Launch.

The Viewium fair launch is our first aggressive push towards mainstream recognition and appeal to a wider audience of investors. The latter will take place on pinksale and offer a last opportunity for investors to claim tokens at an optimal price on a first come-first-served basis.

What are the objectives of this token?

Many investors may have been subjected to many types of events such as blows, rug pulling, honey pots, bombs/evictions, etc... which may have caused a loss. So be around a while and even experiencing some of these dire circumstances, we concluded that we needed a solution, so we will do SAFU, AUDIT, KYC.

Contract: 0xDDAc85C53754cE83E59a02a1119e46910828e442


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