LeonarDOGE vinci

Binance Smart Chain

What is LeonarDOGE vinci?

LeonarDOGE Vinci - very soon it will be a new integrated NFT platform and marketplace designed for famous artists. His vision, based on the BSC blockchain, is to launch the next "creative renaissance". The project aims to implement a unique business model in which artists and creators can confidently offer their NFT works directly to their audience, eliminating intermediaries and allowing them to thrive in their own business. LeonarDOGE Vinci strives to fulfill the promise of NFT from the very beginning - to build an economy that truly serves the creators and their fans.

The VINCI token will be issued by the LeonarDOGE vinci marketplace platform and will be used by it for operations and its products, specifically currency when buying or selling NFT.

VINCI works, like the platform itself, in the Balance Smart Chain (BSC) network of the BEP-20 standard (SOLANA (SOL) network coming soon).

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Launched26 Nov 2021
Added30 Nov 2021