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What is PENGUIN?

Penguin is a decentralized innovative platform aimed at Educating its community on the generality of Finance Management and Investment Decision Making. Exploiting the possibilities within the blockchain technology, utilized effectively within our features to build wealth and a safer means of crypto assets storage.

Our technology encompasses 4 key features- Penguin native token (WAK), NFT collection, smart wallet, and a decentralized NFT launchpad. WAK which will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and later made available on major exchanges is the building block of DAO structure. Here at Penguin, our community is the main interest. Emplacing a DAO structure, every holder is energized with the ability to vote on future operational activities. With the entirety of Penguin creators coming together to launch a collection of uniquely crafted NFTs made into a collection that will be launched on renowned marketplaces and the introduction of decentralized incentives; connecting creators/artists in an NFT launchpad platform across chain, we hope to add core value to our community.

In a bid to support Gen Z investors we aim to build a community that thrives in togetherness, learning, and adding value as we proceed. Stay with us on this journey, we will be here for a while.

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