What is WEDDING?

Want to Pay for Your Wedding Using Cryptocurrency?

As a Millennial, the concept of cryptocurrency intrigues me. I have seen analogue

convert to digital, the rise of the credit card, the invention of contact less pay.

Nowadays, I do not even carry a wallet with me because all I need is at the tips

of my fingers, and in a couple of years, the capabilities we will probably literarily

be in our finger tips in the form of microchip implants.

There is no denying that cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity within society,

however we are still in very early days. There are various companies who are

starting to take cryptocurrency as a form of payment, however we are still far

away from them becoming a norm.

How can you pay for a wedding with cryptocurrency? Can you

actually pay for a wedding with cryptocurrency?

The answer is yes but limited. Here are the ways you can make use of cryptos

and help support the rise of a new paradigm for money.

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Launched23 Aug 2022
Added22 Oct 2022