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Presale Phase

What is Walletika App?

The Most Secure Crypto Wallet

Choose between a hot and cold wallet to access your funds easily without a private key.

Walletika App Features

1 - Creating multiple wallets that work with a decentralized login system without the need for a private key.

2 - Not storing any sensitive data on our servers or user devices.

3 - The ability to install on an external storage unit that is not connected to the Internet.

4 - Supports decentralized two-factor authentication system as an additional layer of protection after logging in.

5 - Supports locking and encrypting all files with a master password.

6 - Supports showing cryptocurrency prices against different pairs such as USD and EUR.

7 - Supports addresses book system to register some addresses within the app to facilitate transactions.

8 - Supports backing up all wallets to ensure data security.

9 - Supports Ethereum blockchain network and all layer two networks.

10 - The application has a responsive, organized, simple and easy-to-use design.

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Presale Page
01 Sep 2023
30 Sep 2023
StatusFinishes in 1 day
Duration29 days
TypeNormal Presale
Soft Cap5K USDT
Hard Cap10K USDT


Launched11 Jul 2023
Added04 Sep 2023