X Capital

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What is X Capital?

From the extragalactic system, our team of aliens has observed earthmen struggle to improve their livelihoods with little reward. We hope the people of planet Earth are all able to get stable, long-term earnings, rather than worry about their Crypto price all the time.

With a desire to attract more people to join X organization, X Capital team is determined to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor, improve Earth's ecosystems, make money flow where it should, and spread the concept of bringing more people a happy life all over the world. Our hope is for earthmen have a brighter, more prosperous future.

X Capital's Ecology


Faster transaction speeds, lower transaction taxes, and no need to manually set slippage.

Lockup Dividend

You can lock and staking your $XCAP to earn USDT easily.

Invite Mechanism

You can invite other users to bind your wallet address. Provided that users who bind your wallet address conduct a transaction on XCAP SWAP, you can get 3% commission on this transaction. The more users you invite, the more USDT you will get.

Upon binding your wallet address, they will obtain a low-class XCAP NFT (X-0510).

When you manage to invite 50 users and they conduct transactions, you will immediately get a premium XCAP NFT (X-1954).


X Capital has a total of 10 series of NFT, of which 2 series (X-0510 & X-1954) are the rewards for inviters and invitees respectively, and the other 8 series issue 2,000 NFT in total. In addition, we guarantee that we will never increase the issuance.

Each series of XCAP NFT has a different Hashrate, which determines how much you can earn by staking XCAP NFT on mining.


You can pair your XCAP NFT and $XCAP for staking. In this way, you can earn more $XCAP.


You can sell your XCAP NFT or buy XCAP NFT from other users on the XCAP NFT Market.

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