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What is X Elon Doge?

Twitter X is a new project by Twitter aimed at providing users with a more exciting, innovative, and interactive experience. The core of this project is a brand new designed logo, which features “X”, pursuit of innovation and infinite possibilities.

The design inspiration for Twitter X stems from the strong visual impact, conveying a sense of close connnection and a world that is interconnected through clean and powerful lines and geometric shapes.

We will introduce a series of new features and improvements aimed at enhancing user engagement and interactive experiences. Users can expect more efficient social functions, personalized content recommendations, as well as ongoing improvements and innovations from the Twitter team.

Total Supply : 420.

Tokens For Presale : 230,000,000,000,000

Tokens For Liquidity : 120,175,000,000,000

Liquidity Lockup Time : 90 days after pool ends

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Launched28 Jul 2023
Added26 Jul 2023