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What is XEPHULA?

XEPH Coin is a BEP-20 utility token built in efforts to support XEPHULA Social Media development projects to ensure the XEPHULA Community stays free, fair, and abundant. XEPHULA Social Media allows users to remain anonymous. Whenever a transaction is made using XEPH, 5% of the fee goes to XEPHULA.com's marketing address paid in BNB, that in turn pays for projects, hosting, ect. Another 5% paid in XEPH, goes to holders of XEPH. XEPHULA Social Media allows users to remain anonymous with currently over 12,000 activated site users. and over 50,000 Telegram members.

XEPH can be bought, sold, traded, and earned. XEPHULA.com users earn points for engaging, posting, sharing, and referring users to the Social Media Website. Points are later cashed in for XEPH when they can be held as an investment or traded off.

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Launched10 Jun 2021
Added08 Jul 2021