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What is XMetaFans?

- As virtual reality technology becomes more widespread, it will spawn companies and platforms that can meet the needs of its consumers. At present, technology companies are focusing on advancing virtual reality to make it more commercially viable. Using this technology, XMetaFans will create a dedicated VR content streaming platform for adult entertainment.

- Metaverse fan clubs will take the adult industry into a new dimension, combining privacy and anonymity for its users. With our native token and incentive models, combined with staking.

- We are creating a unique platform for monetization of live performances in FullHD, 4K, 3D, and VR formats. We will create an alternative income to the online adult entertainment industry where performers can focus on live interaction and sharing experiences.

- Our aim is to bring anonymity for the legal adult content consumers and to put more profit to the creators, by offering different subscription plans paid with XMF tokens and allowing a decentralized payment platform.

- What makes XMetaFans unique in comparison with other VR streaming platforms is our focus on user-generated adult content. We are creating a virtual reality metaverse bridge between creators, investors, and consumers.

- XMetaFans is aiming to be the world's first adult VR content exchange platform, built on blockchain technology. Our vision is to revolutionize the adult industry by providing a new medium for interaction between fans and models.

- While creating an open-source platform for sharing and rewarding user-generated content, XMetaFans will allow a more intimate connection between fans and models, while allowing models to offer fully immersive virtual experiences that are only limited by the content of their imagination.

- XMetaFans will also offer an NFT marketplace, where models will be able to mint their pictures as NFT and put out their collections for sale.

- XMetaFans is aiming to become the Launchpad for future blockchain projects in the adult entertainment industry.

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Launched17 Feb 2022
Added19 Feb 2022